Too much worrying is worrying too!

With the changing weather, intermittent bouts of cold and heat waves, both grown ups and little ones are falling sick. We live in Mumbai and for a city that is used to a yearlong humid weather with three months of monsoon, the previous month long winter and now, alarmingly high summer temperatures for March; our Mumbai-bodies are clueless on which weather to prepare for!

Seriously though,  the amount of jackets and hoodies we wore in January and February and now since the past week, layers of sunscreen, caps and shorts- the sudden weather change first caught me with a bout of flu, then my husband and now, unfortunately, my little girl too. The doctor says, it’s a heat stroke, essentially, her body’s burning up with fever even though its extremely hot outside.

While we can do nothing about the weather change, here are some tried and tested tips to survive this ever changing climate without losing your sanity and cool:

  • Drink Up:  The major cause of any illness is dehydration and when your body is fighting a cough, cold or fever; your body stops craving food and water. It is important to drink lots of water, fresh juices and soups. For your child, I kept giving her Glucon D and Orange juice, even if it was just 10 sips every hour. The external sugar is needed to give some strength to your weak body.
  • Rest: For a person, who hates sleeping in and whose child hates sleeping in even more than me; any sickness is the worst period for us as we have to spend a lot of time resting.  Do not give in to your primal urges of sitting and watching TV or reading a book or playing a simple card game; when you’re sick, rest! Rest and sleep, whether you like it or not as that is the need of the hour and the rest will help your body heal faster.
  • Don’t Overworry: As a mom, trust me, this is easier than done! When I got a call from my daughter’s school to take her back home as she developed a fever, my mind went into overdrive and I am paranoid with worry, every time she coughs.  However, when the doctor told me this is a seasonal illness and only time and rest will heal her; I tried and honestly I am still trying to ease my worries. Being an over worrier will not help the cause and situation in any way, in fact, you will pass on this stress to your child.

If you are part of a family whose member or child is sick, please give that person some space. While I love my family to bits and I am truly fortunate to have such loving members who want nothing more than to be with me and help me take care of my girl, please don’t overdo it. At times, a mother needs to do what she needs to do and she doesn’t want to be questioned or judged or convinced otherwise about it.

I know my family loves my daughter but honestly, I haven’t spent a single moment alone with her from the moment she fell sick and I just want to take care of her my way. While this could be construed as rude or insensitive, at times, even the most thankful moms need some space.  

So next time you are sick or you know someone’s sick, don’t overdo with worries and concern, let nature take its course, give the parents and the sick person some space and shower them with love, and let them heal by themselves.

Don’t overdo the worry,

Don’t overdo the concern,

Don’t overdo the advice,

Honestly, as too much of anything is bad, even the good things!

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