Things to do in summer holidays!

My girl goes to an IB school and while I am thrilled at her progress and overall development, the biggest challenge is the lack of summer holidays. While the rest of the country is having summer vacations, she goes to school and when the school is about to resume for others, our holidays begin. WithContinue reading “Things to do in summer holidays!”

Simplifying meals for school!

I wake up every morning with an eternal question on what to pack for my daughter’s lunch. She leaves for school at 7 am and returns back post her school and extracurricular activities by 5 pm. The fact that she’s out of my eyesight for nearly ten hours a day, five days a week; theContinue reading “Simplifying meals for school!”

Dietary changes in growing girls

My girl loves sprouts and pulses of all sorts. I know they are not necessarily healthy but she is more than happy to eat a sprout salad, chana, rajma, sprout sabzi over the regular veggies. We are avid travelers and on our latest travels, she discovered a new love for black bean burgers and falafel-hummus.Continue reading “Dietary changes in growing girls”

Too much worrying is worrying too!

With the changing weather, intermittent bouts of cold and heat waves, both grown ups and little ones are falling sick. We live in Mumbai and for a city that is used to a yearlong humid weather with three months of monsoon, the previous month long winter and now, alarmingly high summer temperatures for March; ourContinue reading “Too much worrying is worrying too!”

How to raise Grateful and Thankful children!

When you go visiting a family which has children, the primary instinct is to buy a toy or chocolates for the kid. After all, if the child is happy, the family is happy and it leaves you the  effort of buying something for the other family members. That’s exactly what I did too, until IContinue reading “How to raise Grateful and Thankful children!”

Buy gifts which actually matter to kids!

Lately, we seem to be having a super busy social life with not just work and regular commitments but a pretty active social life. Every weekend, the whole family has been partying and I mean, PARTY with dance monkey playing loud on the speakers and people bobbing up and down to it for hours.  AfterContinue reading “Buy gifts which actually matter to kids!”

BeingAGirlMom is in Top 25 Indian Parenting Blogs

Being a writer, while I have always been good with words, the struggle to connect as a writer who is a parent is what pushed me to start this blog. It’s been nearly eight years of being a mother now and there are no exaggerations when I say that it is a learning experience, everyContinue reading “BeingAGirlMom is in Top 25 Indian Parenting Blogs”

How to talk to your daughter about Periods

For some reason, be it in the western world or India, the topic of puberty has always been a touchy one.  When it came to boys becoming men or girls becoming women, the occasions are commemorated in India through festivals. There are villages in the country where these monumental occasions are celebrated as grand asContinue reading “How to talk to your daughter about Periods”

Being an angry mom

The wafer thin line of juggling parenting and oneself.. The pressure to deliver, to achieve, to be perfect at all times, in all walks of life is so daunting for a woman that cracks are bound to develop with time. As if being a daughter, sister, wife and a career woman is not hard enough,Continue reading “Being an angry mom”