BeingAGirlMom is in Top 25 Indian Parenting Blogs

Being a writer, while I have always been good with words, the struggle to connect as a writer who is a parent is what pushed me to start this blog. It’s been nearly eight years of being a mother now and there are no exaggerations when I say that it is a learning experience, every singe day.

Fortunately, being blessed by a supportive family and flexible work hours helped me make the most of my experience as a mother. Fortunately, for me and my husband, we always wanted a girl child and I count every single moment of raising Kayra, my daughter as my biggest blessing in life.

While raising boys comes with its own set of struggles, I feel or probably I am biased when I say this that being a girl mom is a hands-on, constant learning job every single minute. The purpose of this blog was simply to put my struggles, my learnings, my experiences of raising my daughter into words and I am grateful to be recognised for it.

Click here for checking out which other blogs are a part of this informative list of parenting blogs in India.

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